My Christmas wish.

Christmas in today’s society is strongly perceived to be not much more than a celebration of gifts, rather than the birth of Jesus. More about Santa finding his way down the chimney, than performing the selfless acts of sacrifice and love. Big companies bombard us with advertisement, showing glamorising presents suitable for man and women of all ages, leading many to forget the true meaning of the day. Tricking us into believing that in order for Christmas to be celebrated correctly, it has to be in style and with as much money as possible spent to make it happen.

But Christmas can mean any number of things to you:

  • The joy of seeing your children excited about Santa coming down the chimney and leaving behind their presents.
  • Buying the perfect gift for that perfect someone?.
  • Is it about getting your teenagers to games and gadgets that you think they need and want.
  • Do you simply want the happiness of being in the company of your family in a time where the seasonal feelings takes the mind off of the problems they are facing in their everyday life?
  • Or is it the feeling of seeing someone’s face after unwrapping that carefully picked out present?

It is however, now more than ever, that fewer people are celebrating Jesus at this time of the year. So in a time where more people than ever before have lost faith in religion, it seems then somewhat unnatural that Christmas celebrations are only increasing as the years go on.

Even so, this isn’t to say that no one should celebrate Christmas unless they believe in, or celebrate Jesus. The beautiful gift that has followed the stories of Jesus is the example he has set. His undeniable love for all humans, male or female, Jew or Muslim, young or old. His selfless acts to put the needs of other in front of his own. It is these qualities that sets the mood for Christmas worldwide.

Presents are great. I cannot lie by saying I don’t like receiving them, because they are always chosen with my interests in mind and so they are useful and enjoyable. That said, there is no present in the world that can overshadow my family and the ones I love. During this time we all come together to be with the ones we love and cherish, and that alone is a powerful symbol of family unity.

This is the time of year where we often hear of acts of kindness, whether it be buying the homeless man you walk past everyday on your way to work a hot meal, or a kind donor providing life saving treatment to a sick child. What a wonderful time of year it is, to know so many people are going out of their way to do something for someone else. To put a smile on the faces of those who have nothing to smile about. Not enough credit is paid to the ordinary people of this world. For it is the ordinary people, the hard working, selfless individuals who keep the sense of hope in this world alive.

I believe, that this Christmas spirit can be the basis of a foundation for a better future for us in our every day lives. Imagine if we managed to maintain the sense of brotherhood and love we feel at Christmas, the inspiration to stretch out a helping hand to those in need, into the rest of our calender year. We would certainly live a richer life of laughter and happiness. Isn’t that what we really want, to be happy, we all know deep down that although money can buy a temporary happiness, it cannot, however, be sustained.

My Christmas message to everyone is to carry on this Christmas spirit into your everyday life. Encourage yourselves and those close to you to do more for others. Remind yourself that you are not in this life alone, that there are always those around you to help you get through your trials and tribulations. The greatest of the worlds people carry out extraordinary work throughout their lives unnoticed by the world. But it is those who work not for the price of glory, but for the price of peace and equality who will make the ever lasting difference. If we manage to work together, the movement will spread, people will see the bond that comes with peace and the strength that a united people carry. Even though there will always be those to oppose us, I believe wholeheartedly that together it really is possible to see equality and justice through our love and sacrifice for our fellow people.

Let this Christmas be the one we look back on as the Christmas where a better future started. Because it is this Christmas spirit that ignites a burning desire to do more, to help, to fight for justice, to fight for the right that everyone can come together and share this same feeling as we are so privileged to feel. Let our new years resolutions be one’s to better ourselves and better our relations with those around us, through love and kindness. Let the future be filled with plans for greatness and happiness so that we can move forwards in this world and be excited to see what the future has in store for us and our future generations. Because it is us, not them who can make the difference.

I wish this Christmas that we can work towards a world where religion, culture and race can integrate in every corner of the world, without jealousy, without resentment, without hatred. I wish that we will all come to realise that the baseline of reality is that no one is born superior to another, and that life’s course determines the people we are, but not the value our life holds. That love with build the bridges over the divided water of ‘East’ and ‘West’. I believe that we are capable of far more than we know, and once we exercise our abilities our true potentials will be seen and feared by those who dare oppose a peaceful and equal world.

So a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all and everyone.

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